Realside Capital Flagship Fund

The Fund aims to achieve strong equity-like returns with debt-like characteristics through investments in a range of asset-backed and cash-flow lending investments, across all asset classes


To provide consistent positive returns irrespective of market cycle on a superior risk adjusted basis. We achieve this by allocating to private market investments with a predictable investment outcome and strong capital protection. The Fund will gain exposure to high quality assets or businesses through a more secured investment position.

Investment strategy

The Fund invests across a diversified range of illiquid investments to provide a predictable return profile over time, with a focus on capital protection. The Fund will predominantly gain its exposures through debt instruments, ranging from senior secured debt through to a range of mezzanine or second mortgage structures with tailored security arrangements. The returns are predominantly fixed, although the Fund may benefit from additional upside through profit share, convertibles, or equity options issued by investee companies.

Investment universe

The Fund will invest across a range of sectors, with a strong emphasis on asset security and cashflow realisation. Key exposures will include:

  • Growth funding for businesses with limited access to traditional debt/equity capital markets
  • Project / development financing against hard assets
  • Transitional financing for businesses/assets experiencing early signs of stress, or impacted by a one-off event

The Fund will seek to diversify investments across industries, geographies, asset types and counterparties.

Target return

12% p.a. (net of fees).
The Fund will distribute income quarterly or more frequently at the discretion of the Trustee.


The Fund is closed for new investments until further notice. Get in touch